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In 1939, a memorial monument (Point Zero) was erected in honour of Douglas Galton-Fenzi, the first man to drive between Nairobi and Mombasa. This monument was located a few meters away since it could not fit in the atrium of this building.

Esther Wairumbi has authored a book being launched 8th December in Nairobi and you are all welcomed.  Her new book IDEAS INTO PROFIT 8 Essential steps, To Help Make Your Business Idea A Reality; highlights on some of the steps a successful entrepreneur needs to consider to ensure success.

From her expansive experience in banking sector in the city of London where she advised and supported SME for many years, she shares helpful advice, useful tip and pitfalls to avoid when starting up. The book is aimed at those wishing to take their business ideas to the next level and also to encourage many people to consider entrepreneurship in order to create opportunities for themselves and for others.

Unemployment level globally is alarmingly high and predicted to rise. For many young people the future outlook is not promising. Faced with dwindling employment opportunities, jobs for life becoming extinct and shrinking pension pots, a decent lifestyle is just but a dream for many. Equally disturbing is the high levels of people who work but still live in poverty.
For those with a passion to venture into business, it is one way to create opportunities for themselves, for others and also a great way to create multiple streams of income if in employment.

Many wonnabe entrepreneurs with viable business ideas, venture into business but start the journey ill equip because they lack the right business knowledge and skills necessary to run a sustainable business, and therefore ends up disappointed, making losses or closing down. Esther is a Business Management graduate, an Oxford-Cambridge Certified Trainer, experienced Coach in Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Life skills. Her passion is in empowering others. For a copy of the book please contact [email protected]

Speed dating in nairobi kenya

Speed dating in nairobi kenya


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